May 10, 2012

Road Trip

With the summer coming up, many people have have events to attend.  Some of these events might require you to take a plane or a train, but if you get the chance, I recommend that you drive if you get the chance.  Not only with driving will you have more freedom, by having your car at whatever destination you are going to, but you might also save money.  In addition to saving money, you get the chance to bond with whoever you are traveling with.  Last summer, my boyfriend and I took a road-trip about 4 hours north of where he lives.  Although it was a short road trip, I think it was one of the best experiences I've had.  We were able to talk extensively without any disruptions or distractions, which let us learn a lot more about each other than we ever thought we would.  And it allowed us to grow more comfortable around each other. Being in a car for a road trip with someone you love is a great experience.  Not only do you get to travel and potentially see a new location, but you also get to bond with everyone you are with.

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