May 10, 2012

What I see when visiting the midwest...

With the spring season hers, and the summer soon approaching, there are may people having weddings.  In particular, this season I happen to have 2 cousins getting states and countries other than my home town.  I live on the east coast and have one cousin getting married in the midwest.  As a person who has been traveling out there my whole life, I can say that there really isn't much to see unless you take the 5 hour road trip to north to the canadian border.  While I can divulge that there are definitely some things I look forward to seeing when I go out there every year or every other year, such as how open and still undeveloped it is, I always can't wait till I get back home.  While it is nice visiting family, and I will never pass up the change to, visiting the same location year after year doesn't provide much excitement.  When traveling, I enjoy visiting new places and seeing different cultures.  Here is an example of the most interesting scenery that I see when visiting the midwest.

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