May 10, 2012

Vacation Club

When traveling, one of the first things that many people think about are what hotel they are going to stay at.  There are many options that people can choose from, whether they are a member of a vacation club, a young traveller staying in a youth hostel abroad, or renting a hotel room.  Although I have never stayed in a hostel, I can definitely say that vacation clubs are worth the money.  After being a part of one in mexico, and now in New York, I have always loved vacation clubs.  You can convert your points so you can use them at a sister-hotel and you are not locked into one resort.  There is a lot of freedom within vacation resorts, and when planning a vacation. You are not locked into certain dates, nor are there blackout dates.  Overall, I suggest looking into a vacation club the next time you are in your favorite vacation spot!

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