February 27, 2012

All the rage

So one of the new trends, as far as vacations go, is traveling to a different city or state to see a music festival and "rage".  While there have been festivals in the past, such as the infamous Woodstock, many of the festivals that are popular now feature electronic or house music.  The locations of these concerts take place all around the world.  Some of the most popular ones in the United States include: Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, the Electric Daisy Carnival, the Electric Zoo, and Ultra Music Festival.  The Bonnaroo Music festival is located in Manchester, TN and many people drive rv's to the concert, due to the fact that there are no accommodations near by and the alternative is camping.  The Electric Daisy Carnival originally started in Southern California in 2000, but in the past year has changed its location to New York.  The Ultra Music Festival draws a more universal crowd and might require a bit more travelling (depending on what country and city you prefer).  The Electric Zoo began in 2009 as a 1-day festival, and has since, due to its increasing popularity, added 2 additional days, spanning over Labor Day weekend.  The Ultra Music Festival takes place in Miami-FL, Sao Paulo-Brasil, Buenos Aires-Argentina, Ibiza-Spain, Warsaw-Poland, and Seoul-South Korea.  Being an avid traveler and listening to this type of music, I would love to visit some of these other countries in which UMF takes place.  Given the fact that I have not been to any of these locations except for Miami (which was an amazing experience going to UMF there), I would love to explore the culture while being able to connect with other people around the world, given that we enjoy the same kind of music.  Adjacent to this post is a picture I have embedded of me and a friend that I went from NY to FL with at UMF last year.  I encourage people to experience these concerts, and I have made connections and friendships that I still hold from my experience.  In my opinion, traveling always enables new opportunities.

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