February 27, 2012

Crete, Greece

There are many countries in the world that I would like to visit, but on the top of my list is Greece.  More specifically I would like to go to Crete (which is the largest Greek isle and has the largest population).  Having taken latin for 7 years, I have been educated in ancient Roman and Greek history, and would like to visit some of the places I have learned about.  Not only is it a beautiful location, with a gorgeous setting, but the country has a rich history which I would like to learn more about and see first-hand.  One of the elements of traveling that I enjoy, is the fact that on every trip there is the ability to learn something new.  While some people may argue that you do not have to go anywhere to learn something new, traveling to a new location makes the learning experience interesting and engaging.  Which is why, with its rich history and beautiful scenery Crete, Greece is on the top of my list of places I would like to visit.

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