February 20, 2012

Looking for travel tips and recommendations?

One of the most important aspects of planning a trip, is researching where you want to go before you book it.  There are new media items which help enable anyone to research their trip, even when they are not at home.  The invention of the iPad has helped many people plan trips, research hotels, and learn about activities while they are on the go.  While new electronic devices are helping people make use of their daily commutes (and often unused time), I personally still like to refer to magazines for advice when planning a trip.  One of the magazines that I always refer to when booking a trip is Departures magazine.  It features one location in each issue and elaborates on what to see and which activities to partake in.  If an issue does not focus on a specific location and the "5 things to do, see, and buy" there, it might focus on a season, and where to go and what to do during that season.  Although not everyone can get the hard copy of the magazine (you must have an American Express credit card), they also have a website which provides just as many travel tips and recommendations as the magazine.  I hope that sharing this very useful travel resource will encourage and enable many people to start traveling more!

(For more information, and specifics, look at the useful sites I have listed, and there is a link to the Departures magazine website).

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