February 20, 2012

I prefer jetBlue

Airlines are constantly trying to find ways to get people to spend more and more money.  As if purchasing a flight isn't expensive enough right now, most airlines are also trying to get us to pay for a checked bag.  In addition, if the bag is considered "heavy" you will be charged an extra fee.  While there are certain airlines that have started to charge people for a checked bag, jetBlue is one of the few that still allows one checked bag for free.  In addition to allowing people to check one bag without a charge, jetBlue also offers extra leg room, free television shows, movies, and snacks.  Personally, jetBlue has become my favorite airline to travel with in the United States and Carribean.  Many of perks they offer for free, most airlines have started to charge people for.  Not only has traveling with jetBlue made flying more enjoyable, but the amicable staff also attends to each customer assuring that you have a positive experience when travelling with jetBlue.

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